LutsJoin membership management system

LutsJoin is an easy to use web application connected with a mobile application for managing members of any kind of organisations. The process of inviting and registering members, managing them , collecting subscriptions , communicating to them etc. can be done with few easy clicks in this application. LutsJoin saves time and effort for every organisation admins..!


Membership form creation

Organisation admin can design membership registration form with the help of form designer provided in LutsJoin

Invitation process via SMS or email

Once the form is designed, then organisation admin can send the registration form link via SMS or Email to the targeted people


Once a form is filled and submitted by a member, their phone number will be verified by means of a ONE TIME PASSWORD ( OTP )

Classification of members

After completing the registration process, the organisation admin can create any kind of required classification name and classify the members accordingly.


LutsJoin has an in built Digital directory, with which all members can search for other members in the organisation and view related information.

Normal and Flash news

Organisation admin can set normal news,flash news which will scroll on top of the screen and also individual messages to members


Organisation admins can create opinion polls and send to members in case when urgent decisions are to be taken.

Subscription Management

Subscription to be collected from the members can be managed with the help of a connected subscription & accounting software.

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Behind the curtain
LutsJoin is presented by Lutsel Technologies Pvt. Ltd. An IT company having more than 3500 clients and expertise in providing Accounting solution & Member management system for religious and charitable organisations for the past 19 years. LutsJoin is their new product to manage members of any kind of organisations